How much can I borrow in France?

It is difficult to answer easily to this with precision. It depends on your financial situation and your objectives. Here are the essential items that give you an insight of the loan amount you can obtain:

  • Maximum monthly payments: the total loan outgoings should not be more than 33% of your income (considering the last 2 years income average).
  • Income stability and levels: key elements for the banks to grant a loan, if your income is variable, your debt ratio will be reduced to under 30% of your income, however, if your income is regular and predictable you are able to sustain a debt over 33%.
  • Personal contribution: your deposit is a key element to appraise your saving capacity and of course your contribution to the project. The banks agree to finance the agent fees but not the notary cost.
  • Loan amount: once you have estimated the maximum payment, you can use our financial simulator to identify the loan amount in accordance with the duration of the repayment (15, 20 or 25 years).

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