I don’t have sufficient cash to qualify for a mortgage, can I release funds from my property assets?

You may have available cash, or not, for your next project, or you may decide not to use it for an acquisition, a home renovation or to make your dream retirement come true.

Equity Release is a term used to indicate the release of capital from a property asset. In France, you can release up to 70% of the value of your property in cash to use it for other projects. In order to guarantee that you will refund a loan, the bank partner takes a mortgage registration through the notary. It is a classical loan with repayment: both interest only and repayment options are available.

Whatever you need this cash for, Equity Release may be used to fund renovation on your property, buy a sailboat, finance your children’s studies or reduce the monthly payments of your main residence. Please do note that some banks will ask you to justify the use of the cash.

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