What fees do I need to pay when getting a mortgage?

In addition to the commission you are willing to pay to your estate agent, you will also need to pay additional charges: notary fees, guarantee costs, bank fees and broker fees.

The notary fees are mandatory and are designed for the different taxes the notary is mandated to collect on behalf of the French administration. Guarantees are required by the bank in the event of the borrower default. Possible options are « Hypothèque », « Privilège Prêteur de Deniers (PPD) » and « Caution » (garantor or a pledged asset).

Bank and broker fees are related to the set up and the processing of your file. This represents a very small proportion of the overall cost of the mortgage.

We do charge fees for our service. These are success-based and are always quoted to you upfront with transparency. You have our assurance that you pay us a service that allows you to optimize the total cost of your mortgage, provides you the quality advice and the guidance that you need at every step of the process.

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