Why should I choose French Mortgage Experts of Carte Financement?

We are not only brokers. We provide you financial advice, support during the French purchasing process and follow-up with banks.

The service means tailor-made services, as each client is different and wishes to carry out a different project. Thanks to our international and financial background, we know the non-French client needs and provide the customized financial advice.

We have designed specific simulations in English which can also be translated into other languages on request (Russian, Italian, Arabic, Spanish…). These are more detailed than the French ones.

Why is it better to use a French mortgage broker rather than a French bank in direct ?

What is the difference between a pure lender and a retail bank?

Can I borrow if I am self-employed?

Why raise finance in France rather than in the country where you live?

I have the cash to buy my French property, why should I use a French Mortgage?

I don’t have sufficient cash to qualify for a mortgage, can I release funds from my property assets?

What are the essential elements taken into account by the banks in the analysis of files?

What documents do I need to apply for a French mortgage?

Can I borrow if I have no financial assets?

All the answers to the frequently asked questions about French Mortgage.

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