What is “French mortgage Expert”?

French Mortgage Expert's Philosophy

A Philosophy

Non French speaking clients are looking not only for a French mortgage with the best rate but also for a proper advisor. Someone who will take the time to explain the French purchasing process, French banks specificities or give an overview of French taxes.

At French Mortgage Expert, thanks to our international background, we know that non French clients’ needs a customized service and that is the reason why the “French Mortgage Expert” department has been created by Carte Financement.

French Mortgage Expert's Services

A Service

A tailor-made service means a tailor-maded French mortgage advisor. At French Mortgage Expert, every advisor speaks at least French, English plus another language. With offices in Paris and in the Cote d’Azur, we can easily meet our clients when they come to visit a potential property wherever it is.

Bespoke Tools

French Mortgage Expert's Multilingual Simulations and French Buying Guide

We have designed specific simulations in English which can also be translated in other languages on demand (Russian, Italian, Arabic, Spanish…). They are more detailed and have more explanations than French standard ones.

We also have a “French buying guide” which will be provided at the beginning of the process. This French buying guide will give you an overview of the purchasing process with a specific focus on the mortgage application. As an example, our clear timelines will help you to figure out prospective cash flows.

French Bank Partnerships

French Mortgage Expert's Banking Partners

Most of dedicated non-resident mortgage brokers only work with 5 to 6 banks, which is normal due to their business model. Other French banks are not interested in partnering with these brokers as they mainly want French resident client.

The problem is that these banks have higher interest rates and if they change their lending policy, maybe these brokers will no longer be in a position to find you a mortgage, whereas, probably with other bank partnerships they would have found it…

At French Mortgage Expert, thanks to our Carte Financement flow we have direct access to more than 50 banks and we receive their rates and lending policy changes every month. It is the best guarantee for you to know that we will find the French mortgage which will suit your criteria.

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"If you need to get a mortgage or equity release I cna thoroughly recommend Carte Fuinancement in Paris. They are EXCELLENT. They handled an equity release for me, and I had the money in 2 weeks! They also did it with the minimum of paperwork."
Shirley T.

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