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Greatest Commercial Real Estate Investment Volumes in Europe

Commercial real estate investments in Europe

Increasing commercial real estate investments

Since the fourth quarter in 2007 during the final quarter of 2013, commercial real estate investments in Europe heighten to the top level. The volumes amounted to €46 billion in the final quarter of the year according to DTZ Research.

Germany revealed the highest increase in commercial investment number increasing by 88% to €11 billion and the U.K recorded 31% to €20 billion. As regards to France, the investment rate also rose but by only 8% to €4.8 billion. The head of Strategy Research at DTZ Research, Nigel Almond in his report, argued that "following the trend highlighted in Q3, the peripheral countries (Ireland, Italy and Spain) continued to attract investor interest and posted the biggest increase in Q4 reflecting the improved outlook for these markets. With €7.7 billion invested in 2013 (up from €3.6 billion in 2012), these countries accounted for 6 percent of the European volume in 2013 as a whole."

Non-European investors increase their investments

In addition, non-European investors rose their investments up from €11.1 billion the previous quarter. The World Property Channel revealed that listed companies became net investors for the first time since 2012. However, in the last year they have decreased their property visibility by €400 million.

France is the third European country, after the UK and Germany, to register the more activities in the retail sector than Italy by €1.3 billion against €1 billion. Magali Marton, head of EMEA Research DTZ stated in the report that "growing institutional and sovereign capital, in particular from Asia, showed strong appetite for the European market. In this context, we confirmed our forecasts with an 8 percent growth anticipated in 2014 to €150 billion."